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Asked Questions

How much money is included in the bond for athletics?

There is no funding proposed for athletics in the bond proposal. The proposal only includes funding for a new PK-5 campus and upgrades to the air conditioning system at the secondary campus.

Why does WISD need a new Elementary School?  Can the facility be renovated?

The elementary campus was constructed in 1955.  After a comprehensive assessment by outside consultants and representatives of Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), it was determined that the elementary campus is well beyond its design life and is no longer educationally adequate based on current State standards.  Almost $5M in capital improvements were identified for the elementary through the assessments.  However, these improvements could not address the small classroom sizes or educational adequacy.  With input from staff and community members, it was recommended that the WISD consider a new elementary campus.

How will the bonds be paid for?

Each year the Board of Trustees sets a tax rate in two parts.  One part M&O (Maintenance & Operations) is used to cover operating costs (salaries, supplies, equipment, utilities, etc.).  The second part, I&S (Interest & Sinking) pays off principal and interest due on the bonds.  The maximum estimated increase to the District’s I&S rate is $0.25/$100 of taxable value.  Refer to the “Tax Impact” section for estimated costs based on various home values.

What about the Secondary Campus?

The Secondary Campus was also evaluated as part of the comprehensive assessment.  While capital improvements were identified for the campus, it was determined that the facility still has some useable life.  The District must also work within its debt limits.  Accordingly, with the help of staff and community members, the Elementary Campus was prioritized for the first phase.  The schematic design for the Elementary included a long-range strategy to replace the Secondary Campus.

Does the District have other facilities needs?

The assessment identified capital improvements districtwide totaling more than $21M.  Again, with the help of staff and community members, as part of a long-range strategic plan, these items were prioritized to give the district the option of addressing them through the M&O budget, where possible,  and/or future funding options.

Will my taxes to up if I am 65 years old or older?

No. The Texas Constitution provides for persons 65 years old or older, who have a qualified homestead exemption, to be exempt from a school district property tax increase.

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